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Trip to Northern Areas of Pakistan – Things you should always keep in mind

Trip to Northern Areas of Pakistan

The summer holidays are about to start and these days we all are planning for a trip to the northern areas of Pakistan. I don’t know about others but to be honest I am really excited about this summer vacation plan. Why not I am a Pakistani and proudly part of the country which is like heaven on the earth. Rich with rivers, stunning landscapes, plains, propitious peaks of the Karakoram range to the fertile Indus River plain, etc. But sometimes little things can spoil your whole day and mood. For example, last year I forgot to keep my umbrella in the car, and while hiking I got wet from head to toe. I got a cough and I spent two days in my hotel. The funniest thing is that the trip was for 3 days and I spent my 2 days in the room. So guys if you are planning your trip to the Northern Areas of Pakistan, here I am going to discuss some tips which can make your journey easy and pleasant.

Trip to Northern Areas of Pakistan

While traveling to the Northern Areas of Pakistan such as Swat, Kalam, Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, or Skardu, you must keep the following:

Never Travel in Rainy Days

Never travel in Rainy days

The rainy seasons are always cold in Northern areas. If you are traveling with kids they can be ill and your whole journey can be spoil as the cold can affect children fast. It’s also not good for old age people or sensitive people..

Also, heavy rain is one of the major reasons for land sliding. Driving on the roads can be dangerous. Therefore the best time for traveling is the end of June. However, don’t forget that it might start drizzling at any time. So, always keep an umbrella or a raincoat during your Trip to the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Keep Extra Fuel

Keep Extra Fuel

Fuel is mandatory for traveling so you must keep some extra fuel with you. As we know some roads and sights of northern areas are under construction so be ready for any situation. Imagine you are on your way and you run short of fuel at midnight. Also, kids are with you how could you manage when there is no petrol pump and anyone for help. But if you have extra fuel you just need to fill in your car and you are ready to go.

Keep Money in Cash

Keep Money in Cash

Always keep your money in the form of cash beside of credit card because the most hotels and food cores are local in northern areas. Cash is better for traveling otherwise you may get in problem if you run short of money and could not get any ATM.

Pack Light

Always pack light for traveling. Essential things are enough. As you are going away for the busy and hectic life to get some peace and enjoy the beauty of nature. So keep that concept in your mind that you are going to explore nature, not a fashion show. It’s fine if you repeat your clothes.

Pack Light

Once you are done packing everything, pick your bag up and see whether it’s light enough for you to carry around without feeling tired. Of course, you can leave your luggage at the hotel, but if you want to make the most out of your trip and explore more places, you may have to carry your bag a lot as you won’t be staying in one place for long.

Keep Power Bank

keep Power Bank

Always keep your power bank with you. Also not just keep it also charge it properly. Because sometimes you have to travel continuously and in any serious condition or incident you can use your mobile. I know you can also charge in your car but it’s good to have one.

Keep First Aid Box

Keep First Aid Box while Trip to Northern Areas of Pakistan

Always keep a proper first aid box along with you while traveling. Your traveling first aid kit must have the tools to control bleeding, support breathing, and perform CPR. It’s natural you can be injured while traveling, hiking, or doing any physical activity. Safety comes first. So, always be careful.

Even you can also help others. So always keep first aid box in your home, car or while traveling.

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