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Izmis Lake is a lake in Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, located to the south-west of Utror valley at a high altitude above the tree line. The name Izmis means “caves” in Kohistani, and as the lake is surrounded by several natural caves, the people have named the lake after these caves.  A small jeep-able link road from Utror leads towards the location of the lake, which ends in a valley called Loypanrghalay. The lake can be accessed from here after trekking for almost 3–6 hours.
How to Reach:
(Swat-Izmis)   You have to travel 20.1 km by car or bus.
Where to Stay:
Camps, hotels, and farmhouses are available.
When to Visit:
Summer            Available, must visit
Best Time         April-May
Winter              Too cold, snowfall

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